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Discovery Process
Content Matters

Once you retain our services, we will ask you to complete our questionnaire and follow up with a phone interview to determine your career goals, resume objectives and the details of your professional story. If email is your preferred method of communication, we will be happy to engage. Upon establishing a clear understanding of your career history and desired destination, the creative process will begin. Within one to two weeks you will receive the first draft of your resume for your careful review. Any revisions/corrections (maximum of two revision sessions) that you communicate to us will be implemented within two days and upon completion, you will receive  the final document and file.

Your resume is a representation of your professional accomplishments --- where you’ve been and where you’re capable of going. It’s your first shot at passing the robotic screening of the ATS and at capturing a hiring manager’s attention. It’s a proven fact that most people involved in the hiring process spend ten seconds or less glancing at a resume before moving it to the trash bin or to a follow-up folder. A well written resume, appropriate for ATS search parameters, will dramatically increase the chances of your resume reaching a person who can decide whether or not to grant you an interview. Invest in yourself and your career by ensuring that your resume is engaging,   persuasive and ATS compatible.


$250 and up depending on the complexity of your project


Cover Letters

Standard Cover Letter, Comprehensive, Targeted Cover Letter, T-Letter

$50 - $100


Resume Update

Adding to or revising information in an electronic document

$100 and up depending on the amount of information to be added and the formatting involved

LinkedIn Profile

$150 +



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